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Panel on Smart Mobility
May 23, 2022

Kimberly Friesen was invited to speak at Pakhuis de Zwijger on 19 May about Smart Mobility as part of a public debate series on Tech for Society.

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Working in the cloud: legal tips and tricks to minimize risks

Mariska Kool was invited to speak during the Cloud Security Congres on 11 October. This daylong event organized by AG Connect focused on the main aspects as well as important developments within the field of cloud security. (Event was held in Dutch.)

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Profiling and automated decision-making in light of recent proceedings against Uber

The Dutch chapter of the IAPP KnowledgeNet held a lively panel discussion on 27 September last on profiling and automated decision-making (in Dutch). Vonne Laan hosted the event and moderated the discussion between panel members.

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Workshop on the role and responsibilities of the DPO at the Kennismarkt Data&Privacyweb 2021

Eliëtte Vaal gave a workshop on the role and responsibilities of the Data Protection Officer during the Kennismarkt Data&Privacyweb 2021.

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Introductory lecture privacy law at Windesheim

On 20 September 2021, Kimberly Friesen provided the introductory lecture on privacy law for the students of the University of Applied Sciences Windesheim.

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Lecture on Algorithms, AI and Privacy Law

For the lecture series Next Step Privacy Compliance, organized by the IIR (Institute for International Research), Vonne Laan gave a presentation on 14 September 2021 on Algorithms, AI and Privacy Law.

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Do we need a Data Processing Agreement?

Vonne Laan and Eliëtte Vaal wrote an article on how to determine the privacy position of parties and what type of data protection agreement is required (Dutch only).

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Privacy by design: Key take-aways for GDPR compliance

The Privacy Engineering Group - Netherlands held an online session on July 6 called "Privacy by design: key take-aways for GDPR compliance". Vonne laan was invited as a speaker.

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Role and responsibilities of the DPO

Eliëtte Vaal was a speaker at the IAPP KnowledgeNet Chapter meeting on the role and position of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) at Local Municipalities.

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Update privacy case-law and notable developments within privacy supervision and enforcement

Vonne Laan was invited to discuss some notable developments in the field of privacy law, for the Institute for International Research (IIR) (Dutch only).

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The Data Lawyers 1 year

Today, we celebrate our one-year anniversary as new-style privacy and IT boutique law firm!

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The cookie has crumbled: custom audiences to the rescue?

The digital marketing industry is in reform. For the past 25 years, third-party cookie-tracking has been one of the most important tools for online targeting and retargeting. How do things stand now? Are cookies future-proof or has the cookie crumbled, with custom audiences on social media platforms coming to the rescue?

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Focus areas for concluding data processing agreements

Vonne Laan and Joep Bakker wrote an article on focus areas based on recent guidelines from inter alia the EDPB when concluding data processing agreements for VAST magazine (Dutch only).

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Some light reading on the new Dutch Franchise Act

On January 1st 2021 the Dutch Franchise Act became effective. This blog contains an overview of the main aspects to bear in mind now that (for the first time) statutory rules apply in the Netherlands with the aim to (better) protect the interests of franchisees.

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Processor or (joint) controller: does the EDPB provide clarity?

The European privacy supervisors as united in the Data Protection Board (EDPB) have published new guidelines on the concept of “controller” and “processor”. What’s new, what’s better and what’s missing? Vonne Laan and Eliëtte Vaal determined this in their opinion for the Dutch scientific journal on internet law (Tijdschrift voor Internetrecht).

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The data processing agreement: facing the tough questions

Netwerk voor Ondernemende Juristen or OJ (nowadays known as WeLegal network) held an ICT expertmeeting on January 13th, last. Vonne Laan was invited to give a presentation on the requirements that apply to data processing agreements as well as other data protection agreements, and on the related negotiation tactics.

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