Panel on Children's Online Privacy and Data Protection

June 14, 2023

Vonne Laan will participate in a panel discussion during IAPP Data Protection Intensive: Nederland 2023 on Children's Online Privacy and Data Protection on 14 June.

The panel will also reflect on developments in 2022-2023, such as Instagram’s massive fine related to children’s account settings and fines and claims against TikTok. The expected EDPB guidelines (2022/2023) will also be considered. The panelists will discuss other resources as well, including the Children’s Code of the ICO and the Dutch Code for Children’s Rights (Code voor Kinderrechten).

The goal of the session is to provide a clear understanding that children’s privacy is a matter that is relevant for everyone: from an ethical perspective as well as from a practical one. Children’s data are processed more often than one might think.

Joining Vonne in the discussion will be Emilie Kuijt, Data Protection Officer at AppsFlyer and Anna Maj Drenth, Senior Inspector Systemic Supervision at the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

For more information on the IAPP Data Protection Intensive event in Rotterdam and the full program, please click this link.