Chelsea Bruijn
Legal Counsel


Chelsea specializes in advising businesses, both national and international, across diverse industries on their IT and privacy law requirements. She assists in privacy compliance projects, offers in-house training and awareness sessions, and helps clients negotiate contracts and handle legal matters related to IT and data protection. Chelsea can be best described as a proactive and dedicated professional.



Chelsea holds a Master's degree in Information Law from the University of Amsterdam and – more specifically – the Institute for Information Law (IViR). Her career path started in the field of privacy consultancy, providing her with extensive practical experience across a wide range of sectors. For example, Chelsea has in-house experience with GDPR compliance projects and addressing enforcement actions by the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


As her career in consultancy advanced, she undertook a post-master’s programme in IT Audit, Compliance, and Advisory, further enriching her knowledge in IT compliance, privacy, and risk management. These educational achievements, coupled with her practical experience, have established her as a seasoned advisor in the field of data and law. She is dedicated to ensuring that organizations are well-equipped to meet the legal challenges of data protection in the digital age.

Chelsea joined The Data Lawyers as a Legal Counsel in September 2023.


Latest Posts
Experts critical of TikTok's plan to further secure European data

Together with two other data protection experts, Chelsea Bruijn, Legal Counsel at The Data Lawyers, was asked by the Dutch Broadcasting Foundation (‘Nederlandse Omroep Stichting’ (‘NOS’)) to analyze the technical information of the press release of TikTok regarding ‘Project Clover’. She has shared her critical opinion.

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