Masterclass on Dealing with Data Breaches

June 1, 2023

Vonne Laan and Eliëtte Vaal will host a masterclass on Dealing with Data Breaches during the Day of the DPO 2023 (de Dag van de FG 2023) on 1 June, a yearly event organized by the Dutch Data Protection Authority that focuses on the role, the position and the impact of the DPO (in Dutch).

The masterclass will condense the lessons of 5 years of dealing with data breaches under the GDPR. When and which EDPB guidelines are required for particular cases. Are data breaches being detected and notified promptly and properly? Does the internal data breach register get reviewed on a regular basis? For which purposes and with which stakeholders? The daily practice of the DPO will be the primary context against which everything will be discussed. Sharing insights, best practices and engaging with participants' own experiences with data breaches will be at the forefront of this masterclass.

For more information on De Dag van de FG, the program and for registration, please click here.