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Eliëtte Vaal and Vonne Laan wrote a blog about the changing position of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) during the COVID-19 outbreak towards measuring temperature of natural persons (Dutch only).

Eliëtte Vaal and Vonne Laan will both speak at the yearly ePrivacy & Marketing Seminar of IIR.

In view of the launch of The Data Lawyers, Eliëtte Vaal and Vonne Laan were requested to partake in an interview by Privacyweb. Why did they make this move? What do they wish to contribute to the privacy sector? What are their biggest annoyances in relation privacy law? Please read the interview for their answers to these and other questions.

Vonne Laan and Eliëtte Vaal wrote an overview article which can be used as easy point of reference in practice. It discusses two concepts under data protection law that have been endlessly debated: that of “controller” and “processor”. How workable are these concepts nowadays? What are the complications in practice and how can they be solved? Read more about this in our article “Back to the basics: Verwerkingsverantwoordelijke of verwerker onder de AVG?”.