Sander Alberdingk Thijm


Sander fulfills the role of Paralegal at The Data Lawyers. He contributes to the fields of privacy and IT Law by conducting analyses, researching and proofreading publications.

Beyond his responsibilities at The Data Lawyers, Sander's commitment to continuous learning underscores his dedication to staying informed in the ever-evolving legal and technological landscapes. He closely monitors trends in the field of privacy, cyber and AI Law to ensure he remains at the forefront of emerging developments.


Sander's academic journey reflects his dedication to provide quality work. He earned his Master's degree in Information Law from the Institute for Information Law (IVIR) at UvA in 2023. During a Master's exchange at Tulane University Law School in New Orleans, Sander focused on US Intellectual Property Law, broadening his global legal perspective.

Sander's commitment to holistic development is evident through various roles in student boards, where he aimed to enhance essential soft skills. His practical experience through internships and other ancillary activities spans various sectors, including crisis management and various law firms.

In February 2024, Sander joined The Data Lawyers as Paralegal.

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