New standard book about privacy law: Privacyrecht Begrepen.

November 10, 2023

As of today, Vonne’s new book about privacy law can be purchased: Privacyrecht Begrepen. It is published by Boom Juridisch as part of their standard series Recht Begrepen.

In this book, Vonne Laan discusses the GDPR requirements as implemented in The Netherlands from A to Z. References to case law and guidelines are included. But perhaps even more useful is the fact that the book contains many flow-charts, schedules, and other visualizations to support the text. In combination with the many examples that are discussed, it makes the book an ideal and up-to-date basic book for privacy professionals as well as general counsels that also need to know about privacy law.

The book can for instance be purchased at the website of Boom Juridisch. If you are interested in a special Data Lawyers’ version (which may or may not be personally signed by Vonne), please contact us via