Data&Privacyweb bookshop launched with complimentary Boom Basics Privacy Law

November 1, 2021

Data&Privacyweb celebrated the launch of their online bookshop by giving away free copies of the Boom Basics Privacy Law, authored by Vonne Laan of The Data Lawyers. The bookshop dedicates itself to offering the most exhaustive book collection available on privacy and IT to its customers.

Please find a link to the shop here.

The Boom Basics Privacy Law is a pocketsize introduction on privacy law, especially the GDPR and the Dutch Implementation Act thereof. It is an easy to use reference guide and is commonly used by both students for their education and by legal counsels in their practice. It also contains guidance for the Dutch DPA, the European Data Protection Board and the most relevant caselaw. More information on the book can be found by clicking this link.