Course on Video Surveillance under the GDPR Copy - 2024 date

September 26, 2024

Eliëtte Vaal will teach a half day course for Berghauser Pont Academy on video surveillance under the GDPR on 26 September 2024 (in Dutch).

Eliëtte will explain the latest guidance of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) on the use of cameras, jurisprudence relating to CCTV and recent guidance of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. She will provide guidelines on the implementation of a CCTV policy, zooming in on the rules on cameras in the workplace, the use of biometric data, information obligations, retention guidelines and more. Eliëtte will also extensively discuss relevant practical matters, such as how to fill out a DPIA for CCTV, draft a privacy policy and avoid common pitfalls when negotiating processing agreements.

For more information on this course and registration, please click this link.