Course on IT Contracts

December 2, 2022

Mariska Kool will co-teach a course on IT contracts for the Academie voor de Rechtspraktijk (AvdR) on 2 December.

This daylong course is meant for those legal professionals with relatively little experience drafting contracts in the areas of IT and Cybersecurity. At the end of the course one should have acquired a good sense of the common components in IT contracts, despite the wide variety of types of IT contracts. The IT contract will be disussed both from the viewpoint of the IT vendor and the client.

Furthermore, on the basis of a practice case study, other widely used concepts and terms such as ‘SaaS contracts’, ‘EULA’s’, ‘Shrinkwrap’ and ‘escrow’ will be explained and discussed.

Mariska will teach this course together with Sofie van Londen and Lea Dobson (Van Londen Law).

For more information on this course, fees and how to register, please click this link.