Course on Blockchain and Smart Contracts

October 13, 2022

Mariska Kool co-taught a daylong course on blockchain and smart contracts on 13 October.

The course, organized by the Academie voor de Rechtspraktijk, was given with Jolanda ter Maten, who is a trainer and business consultant specializing in blockchain, and will take place at Kasteel Waardenburg.

The basic principles of blockchain and distributed ledger technology were explained as well as its disruptive potential in a variety of professional areas, aside from the widely known context of cryptocurrencies. Mariska focused on how to legally approach blockchain and the challenges this brings. Furthermore, she gave an outline of how smart contracts work and what the legally relevant steps are within the smart contract process. Lastly, the privacy aspects of blockchain, what to look out for with Coins and Tokens and current European regulatory trends were discussed during this course.