Maxime Bax
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Maxime assists The Data Lawyers in the fields of privacy and IT law. She assists with drafting privacy documentation, such as privacy statements and data breach policies. She also helps to prepare presentations and training sessions. Furthermore, she keeps track of developments in data-related dynamic fields such as artificial intelligence and camera surveillance. Maxime is curious, thorough, efficient and enjoys collaborating with others.


Maxime became interested in privacy through a minor program she took part in during her Bachelor’s degree. Building on this interest, she enrolled in a Master’s degree in Information Law at the University of Amsterdam, which she completed cum laude. For her Master’s thesis, she delved further into privacy law by participating in a project mapping the legal privacy issues surrounding software development kits. During her studies, she also spent a semester abroad, studying economics and political sciences at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan.

Maxime joined The Data Lawyers as a student intern in November 2021 and subsequently started as a Paralegal in February 2022.


Maxime is a member of the Netherlands Association for AI and robot law (NVAIR).

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