Measuring temperature with advanced digital thermometer might be subject to the GDPR

Eliëtte & Vonne
June 21, 2020

Eliëtte Vaal and Vonne Laan wrote a blog about the changing position of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) during the COVID-19 outbreak towards measuring temperature of natural persons (Dutch only).

Following the Belgium DPA, the current position of the Dutch DPA is that measuring temperature falls outside the scope of the GDPRif limited to reading off a thermometer, (without storing the measurement results and without undertaking any automated processing such as opening agate). This position leaves room for organisations to engage in temperature testing as a protective measure in light of COVID-19.Now, the Belgium DPA redefined its position and states that reading of temperature of advanced digital thermometers does fall under the scope of theGDPR. Will the Dutch DPA follow this opinion? Find out and read our blog here(Dutch only).