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Eliëtte Vaal
August 10, 2020

Under the GDPR the Dutch Data Protection Authority has the competence to actively publish fines and guidance including the names of the alleged offender(s). The naming of offenders cam lead to reputational damage. What legal measures are present to avoid publication by the DPA? Read more on this in our blog “Naming and shaming onder de AVG: hoe zit dat eigenlijk?” (in Dutch).


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Eliëtte Vaal wrote an article posing the question whether a judgement of the court of Amsterdam of September 2019 opens the door for class actions based on GDPR infringement in the Netherlands. 

The Dutch Data Protection Authority has announced its focus areas for 2020 - 2023: (I) digital government, (II) trade in data, and (III) artificial intelligence and algorithms. 

The Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL) – the French Data Protection Authority – published guidelines on how the data protection rules should be applied to blockchain technology. Next to possible issues, the CNIL also provides pointers on how blockchains can be built in a privacy compliant manner. This article provides an overview of these pointers with some additions and critical notes. 

In this article Vonne Laan argues that giving an “early bird discount” to prompt payers of privacy fines in the Netherlands, would alleviate and facilitate the congested enforcement department of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens). It’s an opinion piece written for a Dutch newspaper (het Financieel Dagblad).

Eliëtte Vaal explains in a vlog the basic requirements for a privacy policy under the GDPR. 

Eliëtte Vaal contributed to the non-official translation of the Dutch Implementation Act of the General Data Protection Act.

Eliëtte Vaal wrote a summery of the last report of the Data Protection Authority about data processing by local governments in the Dutch social system here (Dutch only). 

Eliëtte Vaal provided contributions to the International Law Office (ILO), inter alia about (i) Dutch copyright contract law and (ii) hyperlinking to infringing content.

Eliëtte Vaal contributed to the book “Garanties in de rechtspraktijk” about warranties and IP.

In this article Eliëtte Vaal argues that consumer law obligations based on EU distance sale laws are superfluous. It’s an opinion piece written for a Dutch newspaper (het Financieel Dagblad).